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Facebook Page - The do's and don'ts

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

These small but IMPORTANT tips will help you make sure your Facebook is compliant with their best practice rules and help your page to get you results.

We will start positive with the DO's of Facebook

  • Update your cover photo on a monthly basis - make sure it's always in line with your branding

  • Share news and information that's relevant to your audience

  • Make sure your cover photo and profile image show correctly on mobile devices

  • Ensure your contact information and 'about' section is up to date

  • Post every day (yes that includes a Sunday!)

  • Use an image or video alongside text when posting (It will get you more engagement)

  • Check your spelling and grammar

  • Keep your posts on point

  • Include a link back to your website to the relevant page/product etc.

  • Use polls, quizzes and competitions to engage your audience

  • @mention other pages and people

  • Share other posts that your audience will like

  • Interact and answer questions on your page

  • Answer your inbox messages

  • Measure your post results

The DON'TS of Facebook

  • Use content, images or video that has copyright and that you don't have permission to use.

  • Share or ask for personally identifiable information

  • Post images or videos of real people without their written consent.

  • Engage in arguments online

  • Deal with complaints publically

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